JUDITH LEORA is the author of the full-length plays broken, THE COOKIE FIGHT, Rest Area 57 and BOTTOMFEADERS.  Her one-acts include WARMING THE BENCH, (Street Festival, Lower East Side) and Quickie Date (Arkham Playwrights showcase, Chernuchin Theater).

She is an inaugural member of 15th Floor and has studied playwriting at the ESPA (Primary Stages), the Southampton Playwrights Conference 2009, Playwrights Horizons and the WGA (Sitcom Seminar).

Judith has also written sketch for the Camera Shy Seniors (Red Room/KGB) and wrote the screenplays BUMPING UGLY (Split Screenplay Finalist), FAT PLANET and STAR GONE BAD with Brandon Burkhart.  Their numerous sitcom specs also included TITUS (Scriptapalooza finalist).  Graduate school:  Texas A&M University (Charles Gordone, mentor).  She currently lives in New York City.

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